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Brisbane, Gold Coast & Logan


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We can help with Child Custody Family Law Issues

Family Lawyers & Mediators serving Brisbane, Logan & Gold Coast

Child Custody (more properly called parenting arrangements) issues can be resolved through:
We can help with because -
  • Our  Family Mediator can assist with family dispute resolution advice and services. Professional help from our Nationally accredited mediator and registered family dispute resolution practitioner (FDRP)
  • Our Child Custody Litigation Lawyers can represent you in the Family Law Courts of Australia where mediation undertaken through other providers has failed.
We also give advice in relation to the Surrogacy Act 2010 (Qld) and assist in compliance with the procedures set out in the Act to allow a parentage application to be made following the birth of the baby.

Please Note: the Family Law Act no longer refers to the term "custody" but rather who a child "lives with", parental responsibility and the time spent with the parents. We use the term "Custody" on this site as many people commonly still use the word custody although it is no longer the correct term.
Take the time to talk to us and get help before things escalate out of control. We understand that this is a time of personal crisis and emotions may be running high on all sides.
A quote we found on the internet attributed to a US Family Court Judge:
“Do you know what I say to couples who turn up in my courtroom?  First, I ask them what they are doing in my courtroom.  They explain they are there to settle a custody issue. I then ask them, "Do you love your children?    Well, then what are you doing here?  Because, I don’t love your children.  I don’t even know your children and you are putting your children into the hands of a total stranger who doesn’t love them”.
What do you think?  Think about the alternative Family Dispute Resolution & Mediation.
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